Hamilton Homes Experience

Because Hamilton Homes is quality conscience, the company maintains a detail checklist to help ensure that your home is constructed within our performance standards.  We also conduct a homeowner orientation walk thru with our customers prior to occupancy to offer a final inspection to assure satisfaction.  Our customer service after the completion of construction is what separates Hamilton Homes from many builders.  We want to take the stress out of building!  Our customers enjoy building their dreams and rest assured with confidence that their decision to hire Hamilton Homes was the right one.

Along with our warranty, Hamilton Homes stays in touch with our customers.  Whether it is to fine-tune, construct an addition, or simply to answer a question, Hamilton Homes is only a phone call away.  We recognize that we all live in the same community.  Therefore we want to have the same friendly relationship with our customers from the day we meet to years afterwards.  We believe in being a good neighbor!     

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